Carnival Breeze – Day 0 – Part 2

I sure am glad to be back on a ship with the “2.0” upgrades. One of the first things I did this afternoon was to go get a Ferengi Burger. Yeah… I know it’s Guy Fieri… it’s that I’m sure that they are Ferengi Burgers. But they are Mmmmmm – Mmmmmm –  Good! I just luv Ferengi. So, I just had to have two of them. I’m glad I brought the Tums for the tummy.

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The other 2.0 stuff is just as important too… the Blue Iguana and the Red Frog bars on the Lido deck are a place I kinda like to hang out. They are one of the centers of activities during the sail away. Of course you already know that the Red Frog Pub is one of my favorite places to hang out too. Here on the Breeze they have a nice large Red Frog Pub and in the evening there is a guitar person that plays. This cruise there are two “guitar persons” that are sharing the time on the little stage over in the corner. They are both very good and I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time in the evening listening to them… and of course having a frozen concoction to help me hang on.

There’s also an outside area to the Red Frog Pub complete with hot-tub near by. This is a great place to hang out with a few folks and soak up some sun. You don’t get as much “crazy” or as many kids here so you can sit with friends and solve all the problems of the world… or have a frozen concoction to help you hang on… or a pain killer… or all the above.

OK… put away the smiley faces for a minute. There’s something I need to warn everyone about… my cabin, 7460. For all my previous cruises on the Breeze I booked a “Deluxe Oveanview”. I was very happy with those cabins. I used to book only balcony’s or suites, but I discovered Deluxe Oceanviews here on the Breeze are better than everything but a suite… at least that’s my opinion.

This time I wanted to make someone special happy… so I booked an “aft extended balcony” cabin. I had one of those back on the Destiny (now Destiny 2.0… aka the Sunshine) and that extended balcony was great. I really liked that cabin. This time, for something special, I wanted to have that again. -Insert sad face here-… I’m really disappointed. What I ended up with is not what I expected.

For a lot more bucks I got a much smaller cabin and a slightly bigger than ordinary balcony. I consider this a sub-standard cabin. They advertise “ample closet space”… this has 1 1/2 closets. The other 1/2 is filled up with life jackets. I had 3 1/2 closets in the Deluxe Oceanview. I have become accustomed to having a couch in all of my cabins. They advertise a “seating area”. There is no seating area at all in cabin 7460. There is only just enough room for the bed and barely enough room to walk around it. This one doesn’t even have room for a chair. This may be the smallest cabin I’ve had on any Carnival ship… or on any cruise line. It certainly isn’t worth the additional cost over even an oceanview. I’ve had “insides” with more room. I have been truly ripped-off.

This may be the smallest cabin I've ever had.

This may be the smallest cabin I’ve ever had

(There are more cabin pics over on

Just so you know, I checked the other cabins in the same category next to mine and they do have what I expected. It’s just that the corner cabins on this deck get cheated out of what the other cabins have. They just jammed in two more small cabins to make more bucks. Shame on Carnival for charging what they do for these cabins without telling folks that this may be the smallest cabin in Carnival’s fleet. I hate being ripped-off like this.

OK… I’ll get off my soap box and on with the cruise. I won’t let the cabin spoil my cruise.

We went to dinner tonight and I was surprised that the Breeze has not gone to the “American” style of dining as some of the other ships have. (I was on the Imagination out of Long Beach in April and they had the new style.) I’m pleased that the Breeze hasn’t gone to that style. Instead, it was still the fine dining I had come to expect on all of my previous Carnival cruises… they still have the white linen table cloths on every table (“American” style just has wooden top tables.)… they bring around individual servings of bread (“American” style puts a basket on the table for every one to pass around… and handle my piece of bread before it gets to me, ewwwwww)… and the wait staff pours water for every one (“American” style puts a pitcher of water on the table for everyone to pass around… another ewwwwww) I really am glad the Breeze has not gone to “American Style”.

The Piano Bar is my favorite night-life place on Carnival ships. I went to this one tonight and the guy was just so-so. He plays well and has a good voice, but there just was no pizzazz. There weren’t many people there so it could possibly that it’s just early in the cruise. Maybe I’ve been spoiled to the incomparable Ron Pass. Just the same, I’ll come back again tomorrow to see if the fun factor picks up.

After we left the piano bar we went to the Ocean Plaza band stand. The band there was great. We really enjoyed the music. They were playing a variety with stuff from the sixties all the way up to nearly today. (Hummmm… I’m not sure I really know what “today” is besides One Dimension, Beiber, and Maroon 5) We stayed there the rest of the evening. Mickie… I had a chocolate mocha whatchamacallit for you.

That’s all for now.. Tomorrow’s Key West and I’ve got plans to do a bunch of stuff.

K. M.

Searching for another chocolate mocha whatchamacallit.

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