Sea Day – Part 2 – More Ship Stuff

I’m coming to you this afternoon from the Red Frog Pub. You already know it’s one of my favorite parts of the ship. It’s a place that has a little bit of everything… a few things you can order to snack on… some entertainment in the evening… and of course you can get whatever your favorite liquid refreshment. In the afternoons they have some trivia contests and people come here to play a variety of board games. Folks also come here to hang out with friends.

Today they had the standard “shtick” out on the Lido deck… the Master Mixologist contest and the Hairy Chest Contest. They don’t call it the “Master Mixologist” any more. I’m proud to say that I won one of the “Master Mixologist” contests here on the breeze in the past… a frozen concoction with mango, pineaple, a little grenadine for color and a little sweetness… and of course, To-kill-ya” (Tequila). Mmmmm-Mmmmm good! I still brew up these at home. Anyway… now days they call it the Red Frog vs Blue Iguana challenge. It’s mostly the same thing. I didn’t get signed up in time so I was just a spectator this time.

The Hairy Chest contest never has anything to do with hairy chests. I’m never sure exactly what it has to do with. Sometimes the rotund guy that’s kinda like Santa Claus wins… you know… makes his stomach shake “like a bowl full of jelly”. Or… it’s the guy that does the best job of dancin’ “nasty”. Today it was neither of those… it was a real old guy with ummmm…. errrr….. “man-boobs”. I don’t know any other way to say it… “man-boobs!” And he seemed proud of them. This is a mild picture of him. (By the way, the ship’s video was running and now there are hundreds of discs they will sell to passengers, so I figure it’s OK for me to post this picture.)

Da winnah... of the Hairy chest contest.

Da winnah… of the Hairy chest contest.

This ship has got the best pools, sports and water park area of any of the Carnival ships. (I think “Flowrider of the Seas” has better stuff on their latest monster ships, but that’s a story for another cruise.) This cruise the pools are busting at the seams. They have been as crowded as I have ever seen them. The areas in and around them have about the maximum number of human bodies that they can handle.

And there are loads of kids in them. This is one thing I liked better about the “Conquest” class of ships (Liberty, Valor, Freedom, Glory, etc). On those ships, the aft pool is “Adults only”… at least they were that way on all of my cruises on them. Here on the breeze, there is no such thing. Kids are in every pool and every hot-tub on the Lido deck. (The Serenity area is adults only and does have a hot-tub, but no pool.)

With so many people and I suspect especially the kids in all the pools, the water has become cloudy in the afternoon…. ewwwwwww!  I’m told that’s mostly because of the sunscreen. I’ll let you judge for yourself, but I’m not going for a swim.

Crowded around the Lido deck main pool

Crowded around the Lido deck main pool

On a sea day, all of the other stuff gets a work-out. There were a lot of people, kids and adults, up on the “ropes course”. For those that don’t know what this is, it’s kind of an obstacle course… 15 feet off the ground.  Everything is connected by ropes and you have to go from platform to platform across the rope suspended obstacles. Don’t worry; even though it may be scary, a safety rope connected to the top railings secures you. The kids of all ages seem to have a lot of fun on these. I think only the “Dream class” ships have the ropes courses.

The Ropes Course

The Ropes Course

Another place I have found is the outside area of the Ocean Plaza on deck 5, mid ship. It’s a place that’s not as crazy as some of the other areas this afternoon. It’s an “outside deck” on the smoking side of the ship. Even though I don’t smoke, I liked it there because they have comfortable chairs around tables with umbrellas. It’s a nice place to hang out with friends that do smoke, have a little liquid refreshment, and watch the ocean go by. I’m suspect that when Carnival shuts-down smoking on the balcony’s this place will get a lot more crowded.

This is a really nice area outside the Ocean Plaza... the smoking lamp is lit.

This is a really nice area outside the Ocean Plaza… the smoking lamp is lit.

This ship doesn’t have a very large area for the shops considering its size. They are abut the same size as the Conquest and Fantasy class ships that I have been on. I think they kept the shops on the small side so that they can have a very large casino… much bigger than on those other class ships. It has all the usual “slot machines”, craps tables, roulette tables, black-jack tables, and a few of those “Vegas Vacation” type tables. Hummm… we still call them slot machines, but none of them have coin slots any more. I guess it’s just the slot for your sail & sign card now days.

In conjunction with the casino, there’s the casino bar. In this one there is no band-stand like on most other Carnival ships. (The band-stand is at the Ocean Plaza… the next place down the promenade deck from the casino.) The bar is a nice large one and they also have a large area with tables and chairs where you can commiserate with family and friends over your casino losses. Maybe it’s just me, but I have never won a cent in any shipboard casino.

The casino was open this afternoon, but it was almost deserted. Everyone must be baking out by the pool. I guess the tables and slots must be luckier at night.

That’s all for now… time for me to go bake out by the pool too. As usual, there will be a pile-o-pics on kokomomantoo

K. M.

Searching for a place to squeeze in by the pool.

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