Donald… Do you think we’re stupid?

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog to bring you this BS alert.
On May 29, 2018, Donald Trump gave a speech in Nashville. In  that speech he said:

“In the end, in the end, Mexico is going to pay for the wall. I’m just telling you that.”
“They are going to pay for the wall and they are going to enjoy it. OK? They are going to enjoy it.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I know bull shit when I see it… or in this case, when I hear it. I call bull shit… BULL SHIT.

What makes me mad is that Donald must think I’m stupid. There’s no way Mexico is going to pay for the wall. I know it… everyone knows it. I don’t care how you wrap it, spin it, or BS your way around it. Donald is spewing pure BULL SHIT.

Here’s what Mexico’s president said on twitter:

MexPresNoWallNow my question for you is… does Donald think you are stupid. Or… does he think you are gullible. Does he really think you will believe his BULL SHIT?

I know many Trump supporters. But the ones I know are not stupid… and I know they are not gullible. So you guys chime in. How is it you let this go by the wayside? How is it you let him insult your intelligence? I know you are too smart to believe this BS. So you tell me… why do you let him insult you?

Tomorrow back to our regularly scheduled blog:
I support the 2nd Amendment.”

Politically Correct

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I started this blog to share fun stuff with folks. I also wanted to be able to speak my peace on stuff. One of my goals was to have an intelligent commentary and discussion of things that impact our lives.

But… speaking my peace never happened. I have friends across the spectrum of opinions. Opinions are like noses (and other things), everybody has one. I was afraid that I might offend some of my friends, so I just left out at least half of what I wanted this blog to be.

What bothers me most these days is people I consider dear friends “sharing” posts without checking out the validity of the post. There is so much “fake” stuff on the internet. People blindly re-post the fake stuff because it’s on their side of the fence. Of course, it’s all false or misleading… or misdirection, but that doesn’t stop the re-post.

But I’ve had #ENOUGH of the political correctness.

So I say to my friends, “Please, please, don’t take my posts on political stuff personally. I want to express an opinion for you to consider. I hope I communicate with thought and maybe a little insight for you to think about. I also want to debunk some of those bogus posts that are re-posted a lot.

You don’t have to agree with me. In fact, I hope you take the time to thoughtfully express differences if you have them. Although this is a “monitored” blog, differing opinions will always be posted if they are not just blasting people for having an opinion. Excessive profanity or personal attacks will not clear the filter.

With all that said, I’m going to start posting again. I will continue to post fun stuff as often as I can. In fact, I’m going to be posting about a “road trip” to Key West. But… I can no longer ignore all the crapola that’s flying around and will be posting about that too.

Next post… “I Support the Second Amendment”