Live from the Carnival Horizon – Day 2

This is no longer really “Live From.” As I post this, I’m back on Kokomo Island in the Norethernmost Caribbean. But, I wrote I wrote about this and the following day’s, always intending to post them while on board. But the piano bar, tequila, and other stuff took over. So I will continue to post over the next few days stuff as if it is live.. I’ll also put together more pic pages and videos. So come along with me as I relive the cruise.


Yeah… that’s right. it’s day 2. I skipped right over Day 1 because… well… the tequila made me do it. But that’s ok because day 1 was a sea day and there’s not much to say about a sea day except… tequila-tequila-tequila.

I do want to mention a couple of things I think the Cootie Bugs have changed. There was no master-mixologist nor hairy chest contest on the Lido deck. As a past master mixologist, I was disappointed. I have a new frozen concoction to help you hang on and wanted to try it out here. Oh well… maybe I’ll get to do it on my next cruise.

I was most disappointed that there was no hairy chest contest. Friends on board here and Senior Patron encouraged me to enter. I was ready to go for it. So in this case… thank goodness it was canceled.

So… here we are on day 2 docked at Amber Cove. I don’t have a lot to say about this place. I know a lot of people like it, but then a lot of people like rocky mountain oysters too. When my Bonita companion and I got off the ship and and started walking the looooong dock. we were only going to the free pool in the port area. As we walked along I realized… the last time I was here I vowed I would never come back.

Well here I was. And true to my previous thoughts about Amber Cove… it seemed like another “FUN DAY AT SEA” would be a good idea. So my Bonita companion and I turned around and went right back to the ship.

In fact, with the pools and hot (semi-hot) tubs empty, it was a great way to spend the day. We also went up to the spa. For less than the price of a Carnival tour we were able to get a pass (wristband) for the spa for the rest of the cruise. Now we can go lay down on one of those heated, hard marble recliners and catch up on some sleep missed due to the late night in the piano bar.

I should mention that, as of now, to go ashore in Amber Cove (The Dominican Republic) you must wear a face mask at all times.

One “neat” event at Amber Cove I want to tell you about happened in the dock area compound. We were the first cruise ship to the Dominican Republic since the Cootie Bug breakout. and the DR’s “First Lady” paid a visit to welcome us to her country.

(This is second hand information, so take this as a general description and don’t blame me if it isn’t exactly correct.)

The people of the region are overjoyed to have cruise ships returning. The DR’s First Lady and her entourage formally welcomed cruisers back to her country. Amid all the commotion of her visit, there were TV crews capturing it all. Some of the passengers from the ship got to meet her and were interviewed. By all reports, the DR’s First Lady was gracious and expressed her thanks for our return.

Back on the ship, we had a nice lazy day. I spent considerable time checking my eyelids for leaks. It was all in preparation for another night in the piano bar with my friend Senior Patron. So far my eyelids are just fine.

We wanted to get “prime” seats at the piano bar so we got there early. We went there thinking the entertainer there would be just a filler until Eden Parker began at 9PM. WOW! It turned out that the guy at the piano, Jeffery Munk, was an amazing talent. Although it’s not music I would listen to for hours, it was a an unexpected surprise listening to the magic of his music.. We will spend time with him each night for the rest of the cruise. I recommend that if anyone gets a chance to see him, do it. He will be on this ship for the next 9 months. (I took some video and will be putting up a post after I get home from this cruise… stay tuned.)

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Jeffery gave an amazing performance playing two of his original compositions. Then at 9PM Eden Parker took over. It wasn’t long before he had the place rockin’. I’m sure the folks in the Steak House didn’t mind a bit when… the whole ship shook as everyone in the joint was singing at the top of their lungs and pounding on the tables:

Sweeeeet Car-o-line… BLAM… BLAM… BLAM.

Note to DIVETRASH – Even though he is not the typical Carnival PB entertainer, you should add Jeffery to the PB list so fellow Barbarians can find him.

I was joined at my table by Senior Patron. After that, the night becomes a little fuzzy. All I remember for sure is Senior Patron convinced that I should join in with the singing too.. and he assured me that no one would be bleeding from their ears if I did. Now in the light of day, I’m not so sure he was right.

Tomorrow is another sea day, so I’m going to skip posting unless something really weird happens.

Bye For now,

Kokomo Man

In case you missed them… check out a few pics from early in the cruise.

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