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I finally got around to writing my “about” for the web site. Part of the reason I procrastinated so long… besides the fact that I’m just a procrastinator… is that I just didn’t know what to put in here. I don’t have any problem writing about my travels, adventures, or opinion… but writing about myself… that’s a different matter. But here goes…

Kokomo Man was born just a few years ago when I started cruising. This really came after I decided that life was too short to just work my life away. I wrote all about this in my book, Searching for Kokomo and since most of you have read that, I won’t repeat it here.

OK… that’s a sneaky way to say buy the book. But the truth is that I can’t just describe it here in a paragraph or two. It took a lot more than that to tell about it in the book. The short of it is that I spent most of my adult life on the work “merry-go-round” trying to catch the brass ring. When I finally realized that I wanted off the “merry-round” Kokomo Man came into being.

A few months before I was to take my first cruise, I signed up for Cruisecritic.com… an on-line site where folks can talk and share information about cruisin’. When I signed up for that site I took the screen name KokomoMan. As KokomoMan, I started posting about my cruise experience. I also kept a journal and that journal grew into the book, “Searching for Kokomo-Diary of a Madd Cruiser”. Yeah… Yeah… I know… that sounds a lot like another blatant “plug” for the book. But the reality is, that’s how it all started and KokomoMan was born.

I had always wanted to write but was making too much money to quit my “day job” and take a chance to become a writer. I had already written one book, “Memories of Naked Fanny”, but I did it while continuing to work full time. (Yeah… I know… another blatant plug for another book.) I just couldn’t bring my self to quit working as an engineer and leave the good pay behind.

Well… circumstances caught up with me. Jimmy Buffett came into my life one morning while I should have been getting ready to go to work. Not long after that, I discovered that life is way too short. It took a bit of time to get my affairs in order… perhaps they really aren’t in order yet… but finally I quit my day job to start writing full time.

As important, I am taking time to explore the world. Of course this means cruising as much as I can, but it also means that I’m going to be going on as many adventures as I can. Some adventures are research for my writing and some of them just because I want to.

I’ll be taking you along on most of the trips. Some will interest you and others won’t. Just the same, I hope I can put a smile on your face and share my adventures with you. Stay tuned.


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  1. Hi John,
    I really need to update this page, but for now I’ll just say I’m Bob Dennard. I’m a writer and a traveler. And as you have probably figured out that I too was at NKP many moons ago.

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