Magical Mystery Tour

I know I told you my next “Great Adventure” will be the Ho Chi Minh Trail Ride. And that’s true… that will be a “Great Adventure.” 

However, that’s not the only adventure coming up. Before that, in January, I’m going on the Barbarian Cruise. This is now an annual tradition for me. For a lot of other folks going on this cruise, it’s their escape from the “Great White North” and  Frozen Tundra. For me, it’s a time to meet up with friends, drink too many frozen concoctions to help me hang on… and of course the Toga Party.

But wait… there’s more.

Even before the Barbarian Cruise it’s the…

Magical Mystery tour.


No… I’m not going to see Paul McCartney. (I wish!)  It’s just that I can’t tell you about this one yet. You see… everything about this is on double-secret probation, and I have to keep it secret for now. But not to worry… I’ll be writing about it when it begins. I’ll be giving daily updates here and my FaceBook page; .

Even though I can’t tell you about it, I can tell you it’s coming up soon… real soon. It’s no use trying to get it out of me. No matter how much you try to bribe me with Margaritas… or massive amounts of Patron Tequila, you won’t get it out of me. OK… here’s a hint… not a very good hint, but a hint just the same.

ZZ Top – Live From Texas

That’s all you get for now. Stay tuned… the Magical Mystery Tour starts soon. Be sure to subscribe for the updates by email. On the top right of the page (just below the pic), enter your email and click on “Subscribe”

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