Live (not) From the Horizon – It’s… Groundhog Day

The clock radio clicked over to 6:00AM.

The music started blaring out Sonny & Cher::

Then put your little hand in mine
There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb


I got you babe.

Then the Cap-i-tan came on the intercom and said…

Ok campers… rise and shine… and don’t forget your flip-flops and sunscreen… it’s hot out there. Will the palm trees see their shadows? We’ll see because it’s…


Ok… that wasn’t exactly it. Instead, we woke up to “Donkey” telling us there was no special wait to get to the tenders going to… Half Moon Cay. That’s right… we sailed around the middle of the ocean all night and then we came right back.

Hummmm… “Donkey.” That’s what the “Cruise Director” on this cruise calls himself. (I think the correct title these days is Entertainment director or something like that.) Anyway…, I have to ask you… what self-respecting person would call himself “Donkey”… and say it proudly… unless you are Eddie Murphy in a cartoon movie. I think someone once said he reminds you of Eddie Murphy’s character, Donkey. Still… I can’t understand why he would take on that nickname. Donkey????

But I digress. Today we’re at Half Moon Kay… again. We were supposed to go to Bimini, but that was canceled. In fact, this cruise was originally to be a “Western Caribbean” cruise going to Ocho Rios, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman. But COVID restrictions caused those stops to be canceled well before the cruise began. We were never told why Bimini was canceled. So, last night we drove around in the ocean. Then this morning we came back and parked again at Half Moon Cay.

Maribeth again snagged the same Villa we had yesterday… now nicknamed Villa Nuthouse. Today was much easier getting off the boat. I think the crew, both on the Horizon and tender operators, improved from yesterday. Also, they were not charged by the hordes of folks getting off the ship.

We did mostly the same stuff as yesterday… hung out at Villa Nuthouse and spend time in the ocean. This time I spent a lot more time in the water. I got some videos with my GoPro and I’ll post some when I get back.

Unlike yesterday, today was a short day ashore. The last tender back to the ship was at 1:30 PM. We wanted to avoid the rush, so we left about noon. There was no problem getting right on the tender as there were far fewer people ashore.

Once back onboard, it was two Ferengie burgers and a frozen concoction to help me hang on… and then another frozen concoction.

After lunch we headed to the spa. But it was a full house and the waiting room was full too. So, we ended up going to the Pig & Anchor to hang out. They make a specialty Bloody Mary there, so even though it was the afternoon we gave it a try… patooooyyyyyyy. No thanks… I’ll stick to something else.

While I’m on the subject of patoooyyyyy drinks, since I had the booze package, I tried a different specialty drink every evening in the dining room. Patooooyyyyy. After last night I give up. I’ll stay with some concoction made by Senior Parton.

Tonight will be one more evening in the Piano Bar with Eden. I have enjoyed every night in there with him and friends. I just wish the facility was more like the rest of Carnival’s piano bars.

It will be an early night tonight because tomorrow we get back to Miami. I hate having to be out of the cabin by “0h my god it’s too early.” Ok… for some folks having to be out of the cabin by 08:30 may be okay. But for me, that means I can’t spend till the wee hours of the morning with friends and Senior Patron.

That’s all for GROUNDHOG DAY. I’ll post a wrap-up and video in a few days. Now it’s time for me to go find Senior Patron

(* 1 * ) For the three people who have never seen the movie “GROUNDHOG DAY” here’s a couple of trailers and a link to get the video:

This is the original 1993 trailer to Groundhog Day


For many of us, many of 2020’s days were like Groundhog Day. This is the clip of the making of the 2020 Jeep commercial.

Click Here if you want to rent or buy the movie:

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