Party Grass… Day Oh – part 2

Day O… Late night.

This will be just a quick update. Actually… it isn’t late night. Sr. Patron and I had quite an evening together, so I’m writing this the morning after… errrr… the late morning after.

One thing this ship has is lots of “watering holes.” There are four decks full of them… front to back you can hardly walk twenty paces without running into another bar. Each has a little different flair, but no matter what, they are there to sell you booze.

Entertainment at the watering holes abounds too. There were bands at the Pig & Anchor, the Brass Magnolia, and the Havana Bar… a guitar guy at the Fortune Teller… and as usual, my favorite place was the Piano Bar. Stevie D is the best I’ve seen in the piano bar since the resumption of cruising after the Cootie Bug infestation. I should mention here that the Pig & Anchor is also a food place, but I’ll talk about food stuff later… I’m on a diet.

So… it was late night in the Piano Bar. I suspect the word is out that Stevie is a great entertainer. I got there a little after his opening time of 9 PM and the place was already packed. As all the good ones are, Stevie is far more than just a piano player. He gets everyone into the full, top of your lungs, bam-bam-bam, sing-along. And of course, there are few late night “naughty” ditties. Everyone has fun throughout the night. Then it was off to pizza and then bed.

Before I head off to the late morning brunch… and a Bloody Mary… I should mention the Piano Bar facility. Simply put, it sucks. It is constructed and furnished in the style of a nice little cocktail lounge where the piano player provides background… make that elevator music while everyone chats over martinis. There are only six “barrel chairs” around the ground level piano. (There’s room for two more, but they have been removed for Cootie Bug protocols.)

Starting with all the Vista class ships, the “beards in the boardroom” at Carnival have clearly lost sight of what previously gave them the best piano bars on the high seas.  Last night was standing room only. Had this piano bar been like those on previous ships… especially the Dream and Conquest class ships… lots more people would have been able to join in on the fun. AND… Carnival would surely have sold more booze.

That’s it for Day Oh… Day-yay-yay-yay oh

It’s time to head off for that Bloody Mary. I hear the Pig & Anchor has a great one.

Kokomo Man

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