Fantasy Fest

Around this time every year, I want to make a trek to Key West. Hummmm… I guess I always want to make a trek to Key West any time of year. But as Halloween approaches, I fantasize about going even more. You see… Key West has a Halloween event like only Key West can have.

Some of you may think I’m a “dirty old man.” Well… I will only admit, I’m just a guy.

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Caroline St. Walkabout – Part 1

It seems the last few days I’ve been obsessing about Key West. OK… maybe I’m always obsessing about the place, but the last few days especially so. Anytime I’m overdue a trip to The Rock I begin obsessing.

To give me a little bit of a “fix,” I decided to write about Caroline Street. A few posts back, “Dear Ben,” I wrote to Ben Gentry about the Jimmy Buffett song, “Woman Going Crazy on Caroline Street.” The song is about Caroline Street in Key West. The lyrics tell the tale of the street back when fishin’ and shrimpin’ were king in Key West… back when it was rough and rowdy.

If these houses could tell stories, I wonder what they would say.

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