Magical Mystery Tour – Recovery Begins

I’m back from the “Magical Mystery Tour.” I’ll post a full description in a bit. For now, this post is just a quick note to say I’m alive and well… but I need a day or two to recover before doing the full write-up. It was that much fun. You know you had tons of fun when you have to go back to work to rest up.

Most of you who know me have figured out by now I was on a cruise. At least I left you with a couple of hints. This time it was with incredible piano man Ben Gentry. I booked this cruise specifically because Ben was the PB entertainer. Even though the cruise was on the Dream, I chose the word “Magical” because when Ben is in the piano bar, it’s always magical.

And, “mystery” because who shows up is always a “mystery.” This cruise, we had Continue reading

Barbarians on the High Seas

Those of you that know me, know I spend all my kids would be inheritance on cruises. Writing the books and such is just an excuse to go on more cruises. But… there are one or two special cruises every year I don’t need an excuse for. I’ll share a bit of that with you.

Every year a hoard of Barbarians descend upon coastal areas and board a ship heading to the high seas. It’s happens often in Florida, but New Orleans has also become a Barbarians’ favorite. They arrive ready for wickedness and debauchery.

NO… Not those Barbarians…

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