Ride to N. Fork of Deer Creek in California’s GOLD country.

Here’s another off road ride in California’s GOLD country near Nevada City. This was my first off-road ride an about two years. I rode from the “Western Headquarters” to Valentia Rd. Valentia Rd is a dirt road that goes down to Deer Creek.

Besides being a nice “first off-road ride back,” I wanted to check out the N. Fork of Deer Creek for GOLD!!! Dear Creek was the first place close to Nevada City, California where GOLD was discovered.

I didn’t check for GOLD on this ride, but you can be sure… my next time down there, I’ll have a gold pan with me.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Exploring California’s Gold Country

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but it’s time to fix that. I’m on a great adventure to California’s Gold Country. Here’s a Youtube video I posted of a dual sport (dirt bike) ride I made in the Nevada City, Ca. area.

The ride was 1/2 on paved roads and 1/2 on very UN-improved dirt roads. This is the first of videos of my time in Gold Country so stay tuned.