Fantasy Fest

Around this time every year, I want to make a trek to Key West. Hummmm… I guess I always want to make a trek to Key West any time of year. But as Halloween approaches, I fantasize about going even more. You see… Key West has a Halloween event like only Key West can have.

Some of you may think I’m a “dirty old man.” Well… I will only admit, I’m just a guy.

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The Next Great Adventure

I’m excited to tell you about my next great adventure!!! I’m going to Laos. And it’s not just any ordinary tourist trip to Laos. I’ll get to the why in a minute, but I suspect one or two of you may not know where Laos is. Take a look at the map.

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Laos is smack-dab in the middle of Southeast Asia. It is known as the “Land of a Million Elephants.” It’s also known for the sheer-walled rock karsts, jutting up thousands of feet from the earth’s floor. It’s a land of magnificent beauty; rivers and waterfalls, lush green jungles, and mountain ranges. The people are gentle and welcoming.

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Barbarians on the High Seas

Those of you that know me, know I spend all my kids would be inheritance on cruises. Writing the books and such is just an excuse to go on more cruises. But… there are one or two special cruises every year I don’t need an excuse for. I’ll share a bit of that with you.

Every year a hoard of Barbarians descend upon coastal areas and board a ship heading to the high seas. It’s happens often in Florida, but New Orleans has also become a Barbarians’ favorite. They arrive ready for wickedness and debauchery.

NO… Not those Barbarians…

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Summer’s Slip Slidin’ Away

This is the time of the year when I start to lament another summer “slip slidin’ away.” No, summer’s not over here in the Northernmost Caribbean… not by a long shot. But the signs are there. The days are shorter, and each day is a few degrees cooler. Mother Nature is signaling summer will end soon.

I know we only have just so many summers. So I always try making the most of them. For me, that means the warm weather, the beach, and warm water… snorkeling, SCUBA diving or just laying in the sun. Large amounts of sunscreen slathered on of course. It also means time spent laying on floaties in the pool… not really exerting much energy… just laying there sippin’ on a Margarita.

Almost empty beach, warm water, and magnificent sunset.

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